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Frisia Food

Process optimization for a poultry processor

Background information

Frisia Food is one of the larger poultry processors in the Netherlands with a modern factory in Haulerwijk. They deliver chicken and chicken products worldwide to customers in the wholesale, industry and food service. Frisia Food stands for a correct and timely delivery of high quality chicken and chicken products.

The challenge

At Frisia Food they recognized improvements could still be made concerning business communication and taking away unnecessary information. In short: making the production process more lean. The need for continuous improvement arose. However, they had no tools.

The solution

In ProMISe Frisia Food found a tool with which they could streamline internal communication between different business disciplines, concerning all facets of the production process. Communication can now for a large part be done via the logbook. Statuses of (improvement) actions can easily be followed using the action list. This creates peace and regularity, which will give space and possibilities for management to focus on optimization.

The whole production and cleaning process are put in the "failure tree". All failures and disruptions in these processes are now being structurally registered. It shows the improvement points and bottlenecks, so that the root cause can be taken away instead of the consequences. Frisia Food is now continuously improving.