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Return On Investment Calculator

To support you to make a well-based financial risk assessment for starting with continuous improvement in your company, we have a calculator that gives an indication of the course of your profit and loss in your specific situation.

You only need to fill in your specific numbers for turnover, fixed and variable costs, and estimated downtime. The ROI Calculator shows the influence of the uptime increment on your margins.

It is possible to generate a report for a single production unit, where unit can be a single machine, a production line, or a complete factory. By clicking the "Add new" button you can add units and generate a stacked report.

View the instruction video.

Why you shouldn't start reducing downtime now

  • We don't have time to start a new project. Answer
  • We are not making any profit yet, therefore we should not spend money on reducing downtime. Answer
  • We are a very small company and cannot afford the costs. Answer